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Widebody ?

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Just a rendering from Jonsibal. I think it looks pretty good ;)

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Great rendering indeed. I like how they complemented the original design and didn't take anything away from it, rather build upon it.

Only thing I can ask for at this point are different wheels and livery.

But do you think we could eventually see some bodykit brand come to market with an overfender kit?
I think something like this style, but a little more unique would be nice, but I'm sure someone will make an over-fender kit, Just not too sure if it'll be from a big brand.. Usually they'll go widebody or regular body kit, maybe wider fenders but it's tough to say
Very amazing, I think my car mod mechanic would like this, might ask them soon if this can be possible with my vehicle.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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