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Hi guys. I currently drive a 2012 STI and am considering the RS. I'm trying to not be a jerk about the test drive. I'm not going to make a dealer let me drive it unless I am 90%+ sure I want it. I know I wouldn't want to buy a car with 100 miles on it.

Anyone in MA/NH between Boston and Manchester willing to help me out? I'd love to take a ride and see how the ride, NVH and handling feel compared to the STI. I'm not interested in drifting or launching it. This would be my daily driver. I'm more curious to see how it handles everyday driving and turbo lag.

I don't expect it to be faster than my Stage II STI, but the Subie can bog down low and the boost comes on late like a switch. Not great for daily driver duties.

If you're comfortable letting me drive with you then I would appreciate it a lot. If not then a ride would still be helpful. I'm 40+ years old and will meet you anywhere you want.

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