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Hey OneFora Community,

We're excited to share the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) features for Marketplace listings. We also want to share the roadmap for marketplace as a whole based on the feedback the community provided and the recent survey sent out.

What is Marketplace?
Marketplace is an initiative to improve our system and features for more transactional-based content. Currently we are focused on listings (classifieds). If you have feedback for us, please drop a note below.

The following features have been turned on OneFora. We've received feedback on restricting the marketplace post type to specific forums and this is already a part of the roadmap to have dedicated marketplace sections, but we wanted to share these features to get feedback. We are also aware that not all these features will fit certain communities right off the bat and we will iterate and improve on them (IE. Buying and Selling for Firearms)
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  • Listing on Forum listing
  • Multi-Image Upload / Image Gallery
  • Marking a listing as Sold
  • Dedicated Marketplace Nodes
  • iTrader Rating Integration
  • Buyer/Seller Rating & Reputation

Further Out
We're looking
  • Recommended Products
  • Deals
We look forward to have your feedback on this feature! Please put any comments, questions or concerns down below, and we will be happy to answer them.

PS: We're curating a roll-out site list for this feature and looking forward to seeing community feedback as well.
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