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Spy Photo!!! Next generation Focus to get longer and wider - Is this the next RS???

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Next generation Ford Focus to get longer and wider...



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But will they come out with a new Focus RS based on the larger platform?
Not a big fan of that large front overhang
But will they come out with a new Focus RS based on the larger platform?
Only makes sense, what else would they do?

It's easier to do that if keeping an RS trim on a next gen is in the plan.
Why is it getting bigger? Did people complain it isn't big enough?

Thanks for posting up a spy shot for us though.

Cool to see them already prepping for the next generation.
Could this possible be a mule for something that's not a Focus?
Could this possible be a mule for something that's not a Focus?
Apparently there's a next-generation Ford Escape in the works, so it might be possible some of that testing is going on here, and won't be hard to believe that the Focus and next generation Escape will have some commonalities
If they do come out with a new Focus, think they'll include the four-wheel drive system created by Ford for the Focus RS? It's supposed to trickle down into other models under Ford.
I don't see why not, being a next generation model there will be a lot of the future that has to be factored in and making that an option will give them the edge, even if its not standard it should at least be an option, and the latter is what it will be.
Doubt they'll be testing out the next gen Focus RS so soon after just finishing the current model. Doesn't it take around 5 years to go from drawing to production? Don't think they would have to the time to create the next gen RS while perfecting the current model.

Probably just a normal focus.
Next gen is said to be ready for 2019 so this could be just really early stages of development and testing and maybe even some cross testing of what will go into the next Escape and next Focus.
That's 3 years away, pretty short for a new RS considering they had a few problems with perfecting the current one. We got to see the process from their "rebirth of an icon" series.

Still think it's a normal focus but maybe the next escape too. Didn't think the spied photo could be a test mule for that model.
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Actually that's perfect timing, in 3 years time and beyond there will be things required of a vehicle in this segment which they might not be able to do with what they currently have. Plus these 3 years can help set the stage for a much more potent and competitive RS come 2019. Much like what we're seeing the with Ford Raptor right now. It's a great example.
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