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Snokhana 4 Featuring the Focus RS!

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2015 marks the 4th year Ford has released a Snokhana video in time for the holidays.

What started out as simple miniature holiday themed recreations of Ken Block's Gymkhana videos, has quickly evolved into a meme mocking must watch.

Santa Claus cameos in a Focus RS (drifting no less) which irks the local fuzz, in their own Focus RS-naturally. There are Star War's drones, Han Solo hiding, one Minion, Darth Vader given a dusting of December powder and Buzz Lighter doing his best Van Damme.

All in all a real oddball, Happy Holidays!

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Too bad they weren't able to do anything for a James Bond type of film, would be cool to see the Focus RS as the hero car
This years was inconsistent, there was no real story, just random flashes of sound and fury. Thats disappointing, I've come to quite enjoy the Snokhana videos...
On the downside, being a vehicle that serves a smaller crowd, I doubt we'll see anything more, might not be worth the effort for them .
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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