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Road and Track Lists Every Ford RS Model

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Road and Track has listed and written short blurbs on every Ford RS model. All those models have led up to the release of our friend the Focus RS. I have to say that the list is a lot more lengthy than I had thought.

I posted a few of the ones that stood out to me below, but the whole list can be found through the link here -->

1970 Ford Capri RS2600

Having debuted at the 1970 Swiss motor show, production of the lightweight Capri RS2600 was limited to 50 units to meet homologation requirements. Production of the streetable RS2600 started later in the year, and it was the first Ford vehicle in Europe to employ fuel injection. In 1971, Ford would sell regular Capris in the U.S as the Mercury Capri.
1975 Ford Escort RS1800

Production of the Mark I Escort ended in December of 1974, and the first Mark II Escort to receive the RS treatment was the 115-hp RS1800.(Competition version pictured)
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all bout the RS200, a car so violent and visceral that it killed Group B rally... terrible, but man was it awesome that people were even building things like those...

Yikes. But at the same time awesome. I agree with you.
It was the Group B era that fostered some of the fastest and most powerful rally cars of it's time.

A homologation special, the RS200 was built as a mid-engined, all-wheel-drive assault on the extreme Group B class of rally racing.
Would have been interesting to see what else Ford could have built for the Group B if it wasn't banned.
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Sad that we don't see these around. All i've ever seen in person on the road was the Merkur, about 2 of them where I live.
I think it was just a string of unfortunate accidents and safety wasn't at the forefront of the spectators' minds. Can we even imagine a Group B focus RS if Ford never stopped developing cars for that rally?
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