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Review of th 2016 Ford Focus RS, by Car&Driver

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Car&Driver recently did a frist drive review of the Ford Focus. Here I have picked out some quotes from the review. Click the link at the beginning of this article to read the whole thing.
"The engine is a derivative of the Mustang's EcoBoost four-cylinder, but you would never guess it from driving both cars. On top of an extra 40 horse power and 30 lb-ft of torque, the Focus RS engine revs quicker, with a more linear power delivery and an exhaust note befitting a performance car. While the Mustang drones, the Focus RS buzzes and bristles with a deeper, louder, meaner tone. In sport, track, and drift modes, the exhaust crackles and pops."
"In the pocket-rocket class, the value isn't in the plastics. The value is in the high-grade rubber, the clever electronics of the torque-vectoring differential, and the big power of the turbocharged engine. And value there is."
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