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Return of the RS500?

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Ford Performance is watching and waiting before they decide on an ever hotter, limited-run RS.

Speaking to Autocar FoMoCo insiders have let it be known that the Ford Performance team is currently deliberating on an even lighter and even more powerful derivative of the Focus RS. The target is a sub 4 second 0-60.

If the plan comes to fruition it will take the RS up and over the A45 AMG and Audi RS3.

Power mods are likely to be mild, the current 2.3L is reportedly close to its maximum before reliability is impacted and any attempts to squeeze a few more drops out of the block will be constrained by room. There is simply not enough of it to add the additional cooling necessary.

It's believed that the majority of work on a hotter RS will be focused on lightening the load.

The insiders claim that a mix of CFRP bodywork, polycarbonate glass, aluminum suspenison bits a stripped interior and less insulation could strip upwards of 200 lbs from the RS.

Ford also aims to improve mechanical grip, a new electronic limited-slip diff has been talked about for the front end. The new LSD would need to work seamlessly with the GKN Twinster torque vectoring rear end. Supposedly the front LSD was considered for the 'regular' RS but was dropped either due to cost or because Ford knew they would need it for a hotter RS.

Rounding out the package could be a new Powershift DCT gearbox from Getrag. Although there would be work needed there as that box is currently rated for only 332 lb-ft of torque. However Ford may be wary of using the Getrag in the RS, it has given them fits in the Focus ST from what we've heard.

So what do you think Ford will call the hotter RS? They could bring back the RS500 name plate which would fit with the limited run narrative... We like RSR, ties in nicely with the nomenclature of the new Shelbys.
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RSR sounds cool and was exactly what I was thinking it should be called while reading your blurb but after seeing RS500... that does create the sort of impact a name for a vehicle with this sort of performance should have, also with considering how else they name things.
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I wonder if the 2.7 ecoboost would fit... imagine a six shooter RS with DCT....#RACECAR ;)
I wonder if the 2.7 ecoboost would fit... imagine a six shooter RS with DCT....#RACECAR ;)
That along with some weight saving will take the RS a long way, only thing is... i'm not sure where they could cut weight from all while sticking within a price range suitable for this model.
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Will it be as hard to get a hold of as the current Focus RS? Doubt there would be enough to go around if the current lack of RS is anything to go by and it's supposed to be even faster.

Probably remove a bit of weight by going with lighter carbon fiber in the body or aluminum suspension bits.
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We aren't sure what the HP would be yet, eh? I just can't see using that extra power. I already am not going out on the track a lot. And in normal driving, even on the coolest roads to drive, you are never going to use that extra power safely and legally.
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Although I can't put a number figure on how much more is needed, one thing we can be sure it will need is what's enough for a real difference between the RS and this higher trim. But it might not be all about power, there are other essential performance related things that factor into a well rounded package.
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Not sure how much more this would cost and if anyone is wiling to pay for it. Autocar thinks it could cost more than £40,000.
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