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Rebirth of an Icon, The Documentary.

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Ford has just announced a new documentary series detailing the development of the MK3 Focus RS that will air in the run up to RS showing up at Ford stores.

The 'Rebirth of an Icon' series goes live on September 30th and will chronicle the global development of the MK3 RS in 8 weekly instalments.

We'll get a taste of the design and development side, extreme weather testing in remote areas of the globe and even the role that Ken Block played during the R&D phase.

"The Focus RS is a unique performance vehicle with an incredible heritage. This creates enormous expectation and intense pressure that demands teamwork, sheer determination and a single-minded focus on delivering the ultimate Focus, this access-all-areas documentary perfectly captures what is at times a bumpy ride”. Said Raj Nair, Ford’s VP for Global Product Development and chief technical officer.

European deliveries are expected to begin in January 2016, North American deliveries won't begin until spring 2016. Order banks are open in Europe, UK and North America.

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That's a smart way to market the RS to its buyer demographic since they're the type to really dig this right now and years down the road. Something I don't see companies doing enough of with products like this.
I've seen this sort of advertisement for a truck recently! Seems to be a new trend with automakers to show buyers what it is they are purchasing in great detail. Can't wait for the series to come out and the trailer for the Focus RS reminds me of Top Gear.
I think its because people love being part of the process and seeing what's going. Win/win for both sides since the car maker just has to show what went on than to come up with ways to pull people in that's not related to the behind the scenes.
I think that when people see the development of the product it makes them trust the company more and also feel more connected with the product. It is kind of a response to KickStarter where people are brought into the product development and feel invested. I think its a great idea.
Chapter 1: Project Kick-Off Featuring Ken Block

Ken Block and Ford development chief Raj Nair head to a secret test facility in Dearborn Michigan. This is just the intro chapter though. Next week we will get an episode on the design and development of the Focus RS.

heheheee... next one is up on Wed I believe...

They should put someone in the middle instead... take a page out of what Japanese drifters do :D
They should put someone in the middle instead... take a page out of what Japanese drifters do :D
yea but the turntable is symbolic. The Focus RS just rotates and rotates and rotates ;)
One thing I like about that video is you can see who they picked to work on the RS project were the right people for the job, understanding the sort of effect and execution that's supposed to go on in a project like this.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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