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Rebirth of an Icon 4 [Leaked]: Track Trials

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Instead of waiting another week to catch up with the Ford Performance team and their army of RS prototypes, episode 4 has leaked and we have it here.

The project was laid out in Michigan, the design was finalized in Germany, engineering problems were overcome in Arizona and now we're in Belgium where Ken Block gets his first crack at unwinding all the RS has to offer.

We get a great look at the dynamics of the new RS. David Put, Cheif Test Driver, takes us for a somewhat docile lap before letting the Ken Block behind the wheel where they work to dial out the understeer.

Towards the end Ken does what Ken does best, before barrelling on stage in an RS prototype at its official unveiling at Ford of Europes Cologne, Germany HQ.


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so who leaked them and how...

car looks compliant, loved when the Ford guy was like "my poor car" ahahaaa
What I hate is that they keep on showing old footage and nothing new, what ever happened to keeping things new and exciting for customers.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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