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Price gouging has begun

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From the Volkswagen forum I read:

So, here's the email I received from my local dealer today:

Tom Holzer Ford
Special Order Opportunity
You are receiving this notice because you have expressed interest in the
2016 Ford Focus RS!
Tom Holzer Ford is currently able to order its NEXT TWO 2016 Focus RS’s.
We are contacting all interested parties in order to establish pricing and to award the ability to
special order the next two Focus RS’s of our dealer allocation to your specifications!
Due to the high interest and demand for this limited production vehicle, dealers will be selling the RS for well over MSRP.
This will be a silent bid event. One bid per person. Highest 2 bids win rights to the cars.
Please return this notice with the amount over MSRP that you are willing to pay to special order your Focus RS.
Bids must be submitted by Thursday 1-14 at 6pm. No exceptions.
Deposits and order for winning bids must be submitted by Monday 01-18-2016.
**See email attachment for a fully loaded mock up example order.
There will be a required $2,000 Non-Refundable deposit at time of order. (Applicable to the sale at time of delivery)

I think I'm starting to hate dealers more and more every day...
Silent bidding? Non-refundable deposit? Do they this is a Ford GT or something?!?!??!!
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People should just mess with that dealership and bid $1 over MSRP just to troll them. If there's a minimum bid that's way above MSRP, I say forget it.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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