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Porsche Copies Ford...

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The new 911 comes compete with Porsches own Drift Button...

When I was getting hurled around Hockenheim by Herr Alex Ernst, he asked me where I lived and I said Los Angeles. He said, “Oh, I have a friend in California—Jason Cammisa.” I began laughing and explained that I now work with that crazy SOB. After some more chatter, Ernst said, “If you’re friends with Jason, you must like drifting.” He then proceeded to hit the “death button,” as he referred to it (the PSM button—traction and stability control), and out went the rear end. In case you were worried, rest assured that the 991/2 drifts remarkably well. Especially when a pro’s pro like Ernst is the wheelman. However, he didn’t have to turn everything off. PSM Sport has been reworked to allow “ambitious sport-oriented driving.” Essentially, it’s a Drift mode. So that’s cool.
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Not copy, more like catching up with a new innovation. I'm sure other automotive companies will follow suit with future models and add in a drift mode too if the Focus RS and Porsche 911 sells well.
That is awesome. A Porsche that has a drift mode. More the merrier IMO. Just as long as I don't come across anyone on the road using this mode then I'd get worried.
That's not copying at all. It's not even called a drift-button. All this really is doing is disabling the traction control and stability control systems...
We will see more manufacturers start to include similar features now that traction control is federally mandated. Kudos to Ford for making the concept mainstream.

Nick C.
It is indeed catch up, it's just one of those things that become the norm and every era has it, it just turns out that Ford got in early on this with the Focus RS. In a few years time i'm sure we'll see something very similar called a different thing on a range of vehicles from a range of brands.

It's just how the industry works.
A lot of companies are going to want to try and copy what Porsche is doing but I don't think they'll be able to replicate some of their technology for a long time to come. I mean they will, eventually. And most likely we'll see similar "technologies" appear. But it'll be a while yet before something exactly similar appears in another brand.
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