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My Name is John Labella, I come from a Automotive Background 13 years in this
Business, From "Service to Toyota Parts, from Sales and Writing Service and a Crappy Jeep Tech" ;)
Came from a 2008 Dodge Caliber SRT-4 with over 350hp and over 330tq. Built for Drag/some Autocross
and some show......Very Custom about 60 different modifications done

The RS is Freaking Amazing But I can tell it will need more Power!!!
I see 2 Computer Upgrades that Appear to be the Best

Hennessey Started with 297hp/316tq on FWD Dyno
Hennessey Finished with 326hp/382tq on Fwd Dyno
gains of 29hp and 66lb tq
Cobb ....Programer from there website, i assume these are old old #'s but shows only

Cobb Started at 304hp and 340tq
Cobb Finished at 319hp and 364tq
that is gains of 16hp and 24tq

It think i am leaning towards the Hennessey....Any input??

Also just looking at this Kit and Adding a FMIC from ETS
Cobb access port kit v3 $1700 with

Thank you any input would be great :)
I will also spend hours on here doing research too
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