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I just got a 2017 RS in Oct., and had previously been on the Fiesta ST Forum. I am 71, this will be my last performance car! My wife does NOT mind it like she hated the Fiesta ST. That car had nothing left stock but the red paint. I don't think I will do that with the RS, as it may be somewhat "collectible" down the road, since I was told 2018 is the last year for this production run. I DO have Boomba anodized covers for lots of engine compartment items, and a Mishimoto overflow tank in red. (Hot water, you see.) The car came loaded---I would only have used the RS2 option, but possibly would've ordered the Y-spoke wheels. It came with the silver wheels and snow tires, and a car cover that I will NEVER use.
I cut my teeth on a 1970 BMW 2002, where oil changes were every 4K with alternate 4K intervals used for oil change, valve lash adjustment, and new points, plugs and condenser.
In 1975, I modded that car to include fender flares, roll bar (bolt in) and the engine was dry sumped, twin 45DCOE webers, Stahl headers, Ansa exhaust, Scheel racing seats, Mark Donohue Racemark 11" steering wheel, and about 15 extra VDO cockpit gauges, including 4 cyl. head temp gauges! The car had a limited ed. Getrag 5-speed where 1st was to the left and down, no overdrive gears, and a 3.90 rear. Compression was 13:1 with 332 cam, and dyno hp was 286 at rear wheels. Tires were "only" BFG T/A's on 15x8 wheels at 215/60. (Stock was 165 x 13!)
I state all this to contrast that I know NOTHING about how to tune our new modern jewels (other than what I learned with the ST) and that even though the RS has more hp, and definitely will out-corner the Bimmer, a sub 4-sec 0-62 time was no problem for me in the 2002!
Times have changed, and I hope to learn a TON on this Forum. Thanks in advance, and pardon my total lack of technical knowledge of modern cars.
One last thought: I DID use to be fairly knowledgeable about adding driving/fog QI lamps!!! (Again, that all went out with the dodo, too!)
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