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Mountune Focus RS Phase 1 Upgrades Now Available

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The Focus RS is by no means slow with a whopping 350 but, some of you may crave a bit more power and that’s where Mountune comes in.

Having already worked their magic on both the Ford Fiesta ST and Focus ST, the tuning company has moved onto the Focus RS and last week, Mountune released the first phase of focus RS upgrades. Even before your RS arrives, you can start shopping on their site.

Mountune focused on improving induction noise and performance with a wide selection of upgrades; new silicone boost hose, high-flow induction hose, high-flow air filter, roll restrictor, quick-shift kit, Quaife differential and OZ Leggera alloys. They even have littles odds and ends to personalize both the interior and exterior of the RS. Maybe a new gearknob will tickle your fancy or a set of dynamic side splash graphics. This is just Phase 1 so more products are on the way.

Unfortunately, even though the parts have been extensively tested on Nürburgring, the power figures and stats cannot be released until after the final sign-off. What they can share with us on their blog is that “the power and torque improvements are very noticeable, as is the reduction in 0-60mph time and other performance attributes.”

While you’re waiting for the final numbers, you can catch a glimpse of their Focus RS along with shots of the available parts in this video.
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They have the kits on their site and it looks like they've got the sign off to release performance info. Also there's good news for everyone, the Mountune Performance RS MP350 kit will not affect your manufacturer vehicle warranty. You get all the performance gains without worrying about future warranty work.

MP 350 Kit
• High-performance, larger capacity alloy intercooler
• Mountune-designed high-flow airbox
• High-flow exhaust downpipe
• Mountune uprated fuel delivery module
• Revised engine calibration
• Mountune Performance badge

The Gains:
0-60mph in 5.4 seconds
0-100mph in 12.2 seconds
top speed of 165mph

MR 375 Kit
• Larger EC-approved 3" downpipe
• Anti-loosen bolts
• 200-cell EC sports catalyst
• EC EURO or UK-spec 3" cat-back exhaust
• Cast inlet plenum
• Mountune re-circulating bypass valve
• Revised engine calibration
• Mountune Racing badge

The Gains:
Power increased to 375PS at 6700rpm
Torque increased from 550Nm at 3,500rpm
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As Focused says, that info appears to be for the (old) Mk II FoRS, not the 2016 Mk III FoRS. Here's a link to what Mountune are currently offering for the Mk III:
As Focused says, that info appears to be for the (old) Mk II FoRS, not the 2016 Mk III FoRS. Here's a link to what Mountune are currently offering for the Mk III:
That's it right there, Also, here's a link to their site directly with pricing
My mistake. Thought it was for the new Focus RS. Anyone eyeing their parts? I'm just looking at their filter for now.
Pricing is pretty darn good on these parts too, very reasonable
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