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Matt Farah Buys a Focus RS

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Matt Farah, well known from The Smoking Tire as well as Drive Network has purchased himself a 2016 Ford Focus RS. Of course the first thing he has to do is take it up to the canyons for a review and some high-rpm carvings.

He seems to be very happy with the interior as he calls it very comfortable and refined. However he stayed with the Michellin Pilot SuperSport tires as he found the optional Cup tires to be "silly". He also states that he probably will rarely ever use the drift mode as if he wanted to drift, he wouldn't want a hatchback to drift.

Anyhow, I'll let you guys watch the video and give your comments as to how you feel :)

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He mentioned odd dyno numbers from owners with a wide range. What could be causing that?
Could be differences in break-in periods perhaps ? Because I've seen a dyno that shows pretty darn spot on, but there are also dynos that are extremely off. So it's really odd
It could even be how you break it in since there are reportedly a few different ways, maybe more, and one may be correct while the other just contributes to quick wear and tear.
But wear and tear creating drastic results like 250hp ?! That's something Ford really has to look at, I mean if I ended up with one like that, I would be furious
Is the Focus RS turning radius really that bad?
Is the Focus RS turning radius really that bad?
It's not great but it's not a show stopper. I didn't find it too bad when I drove the test car.
I mean.. I'm not too worried about it. How often does one really need an extreme turning radius ? If it's regular and not significantly noticeable then blah, let it be lol
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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