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A few of you have already experienced this in your lifetime, that moment when you stall in traffic and you’re fumbling to start up the car again while onlookers laugh in your general direction. I too have stalled in traffic and it’s not the greatest feeling when you’re holding up the line. Thank you Ford for coming to the rescue.

While Ford is not the first to install this in their vehicles, Porsche and Mini have similar recovery systems, it’s still a handy feature to have in the Focus RS for new and experienced manual drivers. Just to be clear, this is not a stall prevention system so you can still cut out the engine but the stall recovery system will shorten your start up time.

Normally, a stalled vehicle will require you to first shift back into neutral, find the key/start button and then restart the engine but these extra steps are skipped with the new feature. Simply put, your engine will automatically restart after a stall when you push the clutch back in while staying in first gear thanks to a few extra lines of code. Once the clutch is depressed, the Focus RS' starter motor will fire up the engine you'll be ready to go.

Jalopnik has the stall-start five step for anyone interested in learning how to start a stalled engine without the recovery system.

-You get to a stop sign, depress the clutch and hit the brakes until you come to a halt.
-You take the shifter and toss it into neutral
-You let off the clutch. The engine stops.
-The light turns green. You depress the clutch. The engine fires up.
-You shift into gear and get moving.
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