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Hi from California

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Hi Everyone,
Just like everyone else on the forum I'm REALLY looking forward to picking up an RS when they get to the US, I will be keeping my BRZ as a daily driver to get to work and such and use the RS for the rest of the time and for FUN of course.

Question for any resident experts out there - Will the early adopters have to pay a premium when the RS is released (I paid 3k over MSRP for the BRZ when it was released)

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The premium is totally up to the dealers. If the demand is high enough that they can get people to pay that price then dealers will do it. I am not expecting that to happen though.

I hope your right about the premium, I did it once and I really would prefer not to do it again, I guess it all depends on how many are available when it first comes out.
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I won't be surprised if that premium happens, along with a deposit that helps in attracting only those truly serious about getting one

With those two, the BRZ and RS, your garage will be one great looking one!
Did you do any modifications to your BRZ?

No mod's to the BRZ, its a nice car but boy is it slow, it really needs another 100BHP.
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Thanks for the welcome Jobber.

I'm originally from the UK my-self, I moved from the civilized world to the US in 2004 (just kidding I love California, what's not to love right)

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