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I have always been a huge fan of Ford regardless of its models. Its stunning beauty and quality performance are definitely worth being enthusiastic over. I have had several years of experience with a few automaker brands as both an account manager and a finance manager, hence spotting a good catch is due to the extensive experience I have had with them.
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I know what you mean but my main reason for gravitating towards Ford is for their trucks and SUV's, everything else I couldn't care much for and believe better can be had with other brands, but the recent generation of Focus and Taurus has my attention.

The new Taurus Interceptor was one of the new models that turned my attention to Ford

I've actually only recently became a true fan of ford because of their developments. They're really stepping their game up in the performance world which is great
My Focus ST is my first ever Ford. I was pretty impressed. It was quieter than my 2006 Audi A3 and felt solid. Other than a suspension issue (binding spring) that got fixed after they listened to me, it was a great car to drive.
Drove around an F-body for a while but I mean.. things have changed drastically, so I have high hopes that they've drastically improved
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