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Hello From Michigan!!!

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Glad to have joined the Club.
Hopefully these forums have better info and less juvenile posts than the other forums I joined. As an example- "We have our first RS wreck" "What will you name your RS?" ect...ect... I can't believe folks actually posted to these threads on other forums. I was going to post on some of these forums "What was the last car you owned?" But figured most of the replies would say the last car they owned was a Little Tykes pedal car.:laugh:
I joined to enjoy the RS when it arrives along with other enthusiasts.
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Welcome to the forums, but I can definitely agree with the others above. Each forum has a different feel, and posts like those you mentioned to really appeal to a lot of people. If it's engaging, it works for that forum. A forum is a community where people can come together and have a discussion about everything really.
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