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Hello from a land down under

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I have been lurking a while after ordering a Mk3 rs reading stuff here and there!

Just been told by Ford I have an expected build date of November this year!

Previous cars include a Mk2 UG RS that I had from new then went to the dark side and bought a MY15 Subaru STi.

2 months after I got the STi they announced the new RS ......took me a while to make the decision but anyway I did it earlier this year!

So looking forward to the RS again.....I still have an older Sti that I race and give general abuse to :)

Hope to get involved with the chat.
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Welcome to the forum, good to have you on board. What colour RS did you order? I ordered mine here in the UK back in April and and still awaiting a confirmed build date. The latest projected build date is December with delivery in April 17. The guys on the forum are a very good knowledge base for the technical information.
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Welcome to the forums and congratulations on pulling the trigger. What modifications do you have to your older Sti ??
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