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Gymkhana NINE

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Ken Blovk's Gymkhana NINE is out now! Have to say, not as impressive as the previous one.
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Kind of upsetting to see him hit that curb at 2:29ish. Don't get me wrong, not questioning his skill at all because he is quite phenomenal. This Gymkhana definitely didn't hit me like the other ones have in the past. Didn't grab my attention. Also miss the monkey on the ladder.
Ouch, saw that hit to the front bumper too. Ending was kinda lame as I was expecting him to jump the bridge, not when it's fully raised but maybe a foot or two off the ground.
I was hoping for a big 4 wheel burnout at the beginning along with a jump at the end but eh... it was alright.
meh, it was cool the first time..... So you can drift/powerslide around an obstacle for a 8 movies in a row. Ken Blovk's Gymkhana has jumped the shark
The videos are getting a bit stale, but the cars are getting better and better

Just saw it last week at SEMA, 10/10 would daily

Nick C.
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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