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Gymkhana 9 Is On The Way

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We remember Gymkhana 8 like it was just yesterday, Ken Block hooning his Ford Focus RS RX around the streets of Dubai. Now, he’s been spotted in filming the next segment of the series in Buffalo, New York.

Instagram user Pat Brady was kayaking on the Niagra River when he spotted Block and luckily, he had his DSLR camera handy. As a result, we can now see drifter Block standing on top of a car that’s parked on a local bridge and begin filmed by a helicopter.

Only a small part of the car is visible but from the looks of it, Block is standing on the same Ford Focus RS RX that he’s fielding in the 2016 FIA World Rallycross Championship. This monster is packing heat with a turbo four EcoBoost engine that has been tuned by Ford Performance and M-Sport. It’s capable of pushing out 600 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque and sending that power to all four wheels is a Sadev-supplied six-speed sequential unit.

What can we expect to see in Gymkhana 9? If the last episode was anything to go by, we’ll probably see plenty of doughnuts and maybe a sprint along one of the great lakes. As for when we’ll actually see Gymkhana 9, that’s still a mystery.
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Niagara River eh ? But that's pretty cool, I like to watch the Gymkhana series once in a while. Throws me off when I see the practice lines in the videos though.. kind of takes away from the overall effect of it. BUT I understand it's necessary for sure
Nice... so Ken might not be the only hoon that went all out in times square ;)

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Oh gosh I haven't seen that video in a very long time ! Classic :)
Ken usually improves on every video and NY is a great playground, NYC especially of course. This better be good. Can't wait.
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