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Freeway Ford Denver:allocation for 7 @3K over MSRP

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Title says it all. We have 7 of 58 for the Denver region, build time TBD should see one a month starting in Jan/Feb. Selling for $3k over MSRP. Deposit of $1k requested, can arrange for transportation for additional expense.

Can NOT sell/ship to CA emission states.
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**** aren't you guys are generous... what's your margin like with that extra $3K on the top? ;)
3k seems somewhat standard.

Why can't you ship to CA emissions states? I assume the vehicle is still legal in those states.
In order to sell to the CA states it requires the specific emission package shown below. We do not order them because if the buyer fails to take delivery we can not sell the car in CO. CA specify will not allow you to even bring a used car in if it is below 7500 miles.

I agree with Jobber, I hate the market adjustment on cars. But Ford allows it and if we don't follow the other stores we are leaving a lot of money on the table.



Standard equipment on vehicles destined for Federal

Emissions State or Cross Border State dealers.

50-STATE EMISSIONS SYSTEM .................................... 425

Required code for California Emissions States registration

Optional code for Cross Border States dealer orders.


Dealers ordering a vehicle without a 50-State Emissions

System and which is being sold/delivered to a California

Emissions State dealer are required to use Code 423 to

attest either that the vehicle is not being registered in a

California Emissions State or that Code 936 is applicable.

Note: In Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont, dealers cannot

use Code 423 for customers outside of California

Emissions States locations (except Public

Service/Emergency Vehicles – Code 936).


SERVICE/EMERGENCY VEHICLES ................................ 936

This exemption may only apply in certain California

Emissions states. Ordering dealer is responsible to contact

the proper state authorities for clarification on qualifying

exempted vehicles for registration. Only available on

vehicles sold for authorized public service or emergency

service use. Must also use Code 423 when ordering.



Federal Emissions State dealers ordering a 50-State

Emissions System (Code 425) are also required to use

Code 93N to attest that the vehicle is to be registered in a

California Emissions State.

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Too bad there's that limitation on CA and its a good market to push these.
Good market but CA is the state that's pushing for 80% emissions reduction by 2050 (i think that's the correct year). How much does that extra emissions package cost?
All the emission packages are free, some models report as having less HP/torque although minor (~5hp).
5hp may be a concern for those who go on track a lot but for the general owner it's negligible. Going to be interesting to see how CA affects the car industry in the future if it's already felt by Ford dealerships.
I will take one at MSRP!
Maybe FWford can sell you one at MSRP next year. :D
I'd love too if the market allows.
Hopefully once demand dies down a bit there will be more Focus RS' to go around.
Once they actually land demand could go either way. If demand turns out to be even hotter than expected dealers may increase the over MSRP asking price. Like the GTR, when released they were selling for insane amounts over MSRP, now they sell for ~$20K under MSRP because the supply caught up to demand and over inflated price increases.

Also we are down to 4 allocated units left.
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In the span of around 2 weeks 3 were sold. Is that considered high demand?
True. Once landed though if they do not live up to the hype the price will drop, conversely if they exceed the hype prices may increase as supply has dropped due to prior orders.
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