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I think it would be great if it can actually happen, Aston Martin does after all have a slight history of doing something like this, the Scion iQ being one.

While there is a precedent regarding Aston Martin converting an every-day non-premium car into a pseudo-luxury model wearing their own badge, this rendering remains hypothetical and only goes to show just how easy it is to make such a switch.

Visually, the Focus RS already has a few Aston Martin-ish traits that some may or may not want to acknowledge. As a matter of fact, Ford has long been accused of using what may seem like Aston Martin front grilles, though with current facelifted or new models such as the Focus, Fiesta and even the Mondeo, you could argue that the British manufacturer is present along all of those front fascias.

Of course, that precedent we mentioned earlier was none other than Aston Martin's collaboration with Toyota from a few years back when they took the tiny iQ and turned it into the Cygnet which has since been discontinued.

As for their relationship with Ford, well, all the graphics designer had to do in this case was add a chrome-plated grille, an Aston badge, wheels and door handles and jokingly call it the DBF RS - which has a fun little ring to it.

The car still looks good, aggressive, wide...which is normal since we're talking about a Focus RS. But let's not go starting any "Aston Martin hot hatchback" rumors just yet because as of right now, there is no indication that the British manufacturer would ever be interested in making such a car, let alone re-badging one.

However, you could make a case for this 'DBF RS' actually looking a bit better than the Focus RS. What do you think?

Source: CarScoops
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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