• Ford celebrated the 55th birthday of the Bronco brand by holding a Bronco Day and revealing the first location for its Off-Roadeo adventure hubs: Austin, Texas.
  • The automaker also showed five accessorized and personalized Broncos, including two 2021 Bronco and three 2021 Bronco Sport models.
  • Ford claims 165,000 people have put down deposits in less than a month since the new SUVs were revealed.
Hey, you know how everybody makes a big deal out of a 55th birthday? The ol' double-nickel, we call it, as we throw blowout "halfway to 110" parties. Some people can't handle turning 55 and keep saying they're only 54 for years afterward. That's how meaningful a 55th birthday is. Given that the Ford Bronco just hit this iconic age, you knew Ford was going to celebrate with some news. This is in no way just a pretense to keep Broncos on your mind until Ford can finally get around to building them. Nuh-uh.

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