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Ford Focus RS Street Racing

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Here's a video of a Ford Focus RS owner drag racing a set of budds on the highway. Goes up against a Nismo 370Z, MK7 GTI, and a Charger SRT8.

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That 370 spun bad in second gear on the first run from the dig. But that mk3 Supra ! Gotta love that special appearance there lol.
Not sure if the RS slowed down or if the Nismo caught up. Still very good for a stock model especially since the Nismo and MK7 GTI had work done on them.
Time for them to do a getaway in Stockholm style video with the Focus RS ;)

So illegal, but can't stop watching. I expected them to stop at a red light but they just blew through it. can you imagine the RS doing that and drifting around the bends?
That video is darn mesmerizing. Would be nice to see a Focus RS video like that ! But.. for some reason I doubt it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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