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There are no hard numbers yet but it has been rumored that Australia will only be getting around 600 Focus RSs in the 2016 year and’s dealer sources has told them that most, if not all of the allotted vehicles has already been sold. Australia’s Brand Communications Manager, Neil McDonald did not give out any specific numbers when asked about the 2016 unit allotment but his ballpark answer may give some of you hope.

“Sometimes we order 50 cars and get 300.”
So you could be seeing a bit more than 600 Focus RSs driving around this year but not by much. The Focus RS may not be a limited edition model but its production capacity is limited because the Focus RSs are produced on the same production line as the regular Focus models. Also driving the sales is the $50,990 MSRP price which is said to be one of the lowest globally.

To get on the Australian Focus RS wait-list, you will need to put down a deposit between $1000 and $2000 but this isn’t a guarantee that you’ll receive a RS. One Melbourne dealer may even need to refund some deposits because the supply may not be able to meet the market demand.

For those who did manage to buy one, the Focus RS is set to land on Australian shored starting from the middle of this year.
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