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Ford Focus RS in US Debut

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The 2017 Focus RS made its first appearance in the US at the The Classic Car Club Manhattan. The Focus RS is shows nearly production ready. Its aero, paint, wheels and tires, brakes, and interior details are all identical to what will be in the final production version.

The Focus RS is not in the Liquid Blue that was used at the Focus RS's debut. Instead it is wearing Nitrous Blue.

Check out all these photos of the Focus RS at its first appearance in the US.

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Oh man, I'm loving this nitrous blue color with the black rims. These pictures give a much better idea of what the Ford Focus RS looks like, and it looks great! :)
AHA I knew those claimed early pictures of nitrous blue were false!
I wonder how much colors will be available. I do like the look of this Nitrous Blue but I want to see the other colors like the Silver and White shades.
this blue looks great, might just be one of the only colors Ford has that will make the RS really pop.

especially have to like how they used the same nitrous blue on the calipers!
Don't like the blue calipers, they'll get burnt by tack day temperatures. I wished they be black or gold ( turn orange)
I don't think that this blue looks bad but I do think that it isn't the most interesting. It just looks a bit more flat than other colors. A bit too saturated, too blue, not much depth. Just my opinion though.
Oh man, that sounds amazing! Loving the sounds of the turbo! All I want to hear now is this beast getting unleashed!

It looks like grabber blue... not bad... but yea I don't know... the black wheels really dont go, maybe painted white yea...
I've never been a fan of white rims on anything. The black rims don't completely go, but something in gunmetal could look good.
I'm for black wheels in this case as it helps to complete a theme going on here, if it's not blue, it's black and because of that spread of colors on the body.... black wheels fit in quite nicely.
keep in mind there are whole teams dedicated to green lighting such things, that a lot of time and money invested into suggesting that color of wheel goes on that color Focus RS
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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