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Ford Focus RS Drift Mode Explainer [video]

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Both these videos show how the Focus RS is capable of doing some very impressive drifting. Of course, you also have to capable of performing this kind of drifting.

This is possible because of 'Drift Mode'.

‘[In the Ford] if you’re going into a turn and you really want to have the vehicle’s rear end sliding into oversteer, what the system does is to send more torque and speed to the outside rear wheel to get that effect,’ Ray Kuczera, GKN’s vice president of global product technology told the aforementioned source. ‘And that’s before you press the drift button.’
The vehicle will not let you do some of the manoeuvres that you see Ken Block doing.

"It allows you to do much more extreme manoeuvres than a standard car, but it’s not going to let you go crazy – you are still not Ken Block!" Ray added.
The first video here shows Mr. Block driving the heck out of the Focus RS at Goodwood Festival of Speed. The second is a Gymkhana routine, and believe me, it's impressive.
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Great video's showing how its done, looking forward to seeing some owners on here getting their RS sideways.
They had an article up on the home page this week about that actually
cheers for the vid!
Great post, it helps to understand the specific and dynamics of what factors into it all coming together.

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I love the Gymkhana videos though.

If only I were capable of such driving. It would be tons of fun to sit in the passenger's seat while Ken took you through the course.
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