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No more FoST from Michigan...

Ford will no longer produce the Focus and C-Max at its Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, MI, beyond 2018. United Auto Workers vice president Jimmy Settles confirmed this in a letter Thursday, which was posted on Twitter.

According to the UAW Ford Department's tweet, production of the Focus and C-Max will shift to Mexico.
Of course they're moving the jobs elsewhere :mad:

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high volume seems to be what this factory is primed for, reason why focus production is ending. That Lincoln sedan (Continental) won't meet volume needed.
its geared for high volume NOW. but only Focus/ Cmax volume. But the tooling should move with the factory. Manufacturers do this all the time. The building itself has nothing to do with volume, but the tooling...

Lower volumes are also more attractive for domestic manufacturing because of the lesser man hours. IMO

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So it turns out I was right about the Continental being produced in this factory.

Ford has confirmed that its upcoming Lincoln Continental will be built in Michigan.

The resurrected luxury sedan will be built at the Flat Rock Assembly plant, where the company currently produces the Mustang and Fusion.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the plan was made public by Ford manufacturing chief John Fleming as the automaker begins contract negotiations with the United Auto Workers.

Read more:

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It helps that this time around they'll be selling it in other markets, I know China is one of them, Lincoln has been making some serious effort with targeting that market.

U.S. and China should be its largest markets.
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