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Focus RS Review

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The person who uploaded this has a lot of gripe about the interior but you're paying for the performance! It's $40k for a reason and that's not for a fancy interior, that's what luxury cruising cars are for. But, his review is fair as he does praise the RS' performance capabilities.
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Lol this guy sounds very picky and upset. The Type R looks like it's for 12 year olds. I'm not too sure what his angle is but it just seems all weird as a review.
He has valid points and it helps to hear that end of it since not everyone is going to agree that the RS is the hottest **** out right now. Instead this might help to fuel someones reason for buying a used WRX STI or something like it instead of the RS.
Hated that review. First it's a HALF HOUR. He starts by dismissing all the other reviews as "fabricated enthusiasm".

Nit picks every little detail and makes each shortcoming he finds sound like a reason to avoid the car. The part where he goes on and on about how it's not a hardened track car, it's not a true competition car, it's got this huge weakness because camber and caster can't be set. Compares it to a cute ute. Really? How many $40,000 street cars come from the dealer that are track ready?

Then he does some silly lead-follow on the track and can't stop gushing about how amazing the car is. Now, it's a pretty incredible setup for the track. Extremely competent. You'll be extremely satisfied with it on the track. OK, what is it?
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He seems a bit bipolar when it comes to the Focus RS, just can't seem to decide if he likes it or not. We're not the only ones questioning his review, was reading some comments and people have pointed out that the RS wasn't made to have every single creature comfort.
So conclusion... we can just throw this into the vast group of non-effective reviews that are pointless to watch ? I think so..
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