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Floor Mats for the RS

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Hi, everybody!

I got my 2016 Focus RS on Friday, June 17th. I have already started adding aftermarket items, and the very first item I added, of course, was floor mats. And, natch, I selected the laser measured mats from MacNeil Automotive ( I've got bad news for all you RS owners out there. Despite the fact that the weathertech floor mats are possibly the best ones available, don't bother ordering them! They don't fit. Or rather, the floor mats fit, but the moldings in the mat for the carpeting studs do NOT align!!! I am lucky enough to live just a few miles from their manufacturing facility and store, and one of their sales reps confirmed this sad fact, and as a result, they added a note on their web site to indicate that their mats don't fit the RS. Unfortunately, despite the fact that I volunteered my own car for laser measuring, they indicated that they probably WILL NOT be making a laser measured floor mat to fit the RS.
So, everybody out there is RS land, call, email, text, or snailmail. Let them know that though we may be a small group, we are a very vocal one.
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Well that sucks... hopefully, if enough of us message them, they'll call you for your RS and laser measure it for the perfect mats. weathertech has always been my go to company for floor mats and liners and they're usually pretty good with having what I need.
The front and rear mats come as standard on the RS in the UK, I can't believe they are not in the US.
Wait... are they listed for the RS specifically ? Or all of the Focus variations as a general option ?
Wait... are they listed for the RS specifically ? Or all of the Focus variations as a general option ?
No just come as part of the standard RS Focus car. If you ordered an RS without any options it would come with Ford supplied floor mats back and front.
floor mats

here's what I got.

Brenda Hernandez <[email protected]>

to me
Thank you for contacting WeatherTech!

The FloorLiners for the Focus RS models are currently in development. We hope to have this product available within the next 8 to 12 weeks. You can submit a product request form at the link below to help make this product a priority for our product development team. When the product becomes available, you should be notified via email.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you,
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Thanks for the update! At least we know that they're working on it, now everyone just needs to send them a request to make it a priority.
Shouldn't be too long at all, that's great !
Too bad Ford doesn't send out models to companies like that to take measurements or at least invite them out. Weather Tech most likely had to wait for these like potential owners.
Because Ford doesn't profit from sharing a Rs with Weather Tech. As much as we like WT mats, dealerships would probably prefer to sell you their own.
That is the key thing.. rather sell you their optional ones and then you realize how garbage they are and then you go and buy weather techs and then bam. Economy. Lol
Hi, Weathertech Mats are out for the RS. Fit great and look great! Great job Weather Tech. And thanks for supporting IMSA!
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