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Ok, maybe dead is harsh but Jamal Hameedi, boss of Ford Performance has said there are no plans for one having prioritized other projects at this time.

But don't fret, Hameedi is an executive of the Ford Motor Company and he knows that the Focus RS launch is huge for his team, he's not about to start blathering about a future product that could potentially pique sales from the Focus, in Europe specifically. “We’ve talked about it a lot. There’s a debate on whether it would have a lot of customers. Certainly, the hard-core guys would go for it in Europe, but we’ve prioritised projects that we think have global reach.”

It's Hameedi's use of the word priority that gets us excited, because he's not saying there's not a market or appetite for it, he's saying they're essentially aiming to maximize volume for the fairly new Ford Performance division.

When he talks about the number of customers the Fiesta RS would have it's because the car Hameedi wants to build isn't a downsized Focus RS, “I’d love to put an engine in the back of the Fiesta and call it an RS.”

So would we Jamal, so would we...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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