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From the guys at Top Gear:

It's back, and it's 4WD. Paul Horrell gets a private audience with Ford's 320bhp-plus hot hatch

What's the power?

"We're saying at least 320, y'know."

Are those all-American SAE horses or German pferdestärke?

"At least 320 - that's all I'm going to say."

Weight? Another shake of the head. Under five seconds for 0-62mph?

"Can't comment."

Dave Pericak is cleaving to the official corporate line, which is a bit of a tease. Not that he doesn't know the numbers perfectly well. He's head of the newly formed Ford Performance division that will in future take care of all hot Fords from the Fiesta ST to the GT supercar.

OK, let's try another tack. Here's Tyrone Johnson, engineering manager. What's the Nürburgring time?

"We use the Nürburgring for development because of the variety of corners. But we won't be posting a time. Same with 0-62mph here or quarter-mile times in the US. It's about feel, precision, not just the numbers. It's more complicated than just ‘We're the fastest.'"

Words: Paul Horrell
Pictures: Alex Howe

This feature originally appeared in the March 2015 issue of Top Gear magazine.


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Great pictures! Loving how to cockpit looks, really setup to run this Focus to pieces!
Yes! It was well put together.
From the choice and use of lighting to the design and fabric used on the seats, it's quite possible the best mix of function and form.

Oh an I also love how they positioned the gauges, great for quickly glancing over at

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