Volcano burps do not appear to have killed off the dinosaurs. That’s the finding of a new study.

Pincelli Hull led the new work. She studies the history of the oceans at Yale University in New Haven, Conn.

Most scientists now concede that an asteroid collided with Earth 66 million years ago, wreaking global havoc to the climate. It slammed into the Gulf of Mexico near what’s now the Mexican town of Chicxulub (CHEEK-shuh-loob). That event marked the end of the Age of Dinosaurs. And dinosaurs weren’t the only casualties. Earth experienced a massive extinction event. In all, about three in every four living plant and animal species disappeared forever.

Some scientists thought another geologic event helped seal the fate of these species. It was a massive, long-term eruption of volcanoes at a site in what is now western India. That site is known as the Deccan Traps.