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Cartoon logo in vector format for use in any application

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Cartoon logo in vector format for use in any application

Here is a commercially created cartoon logo available in vector file format. It can be resized without distortion to be used for a variety of your applications(shirts/mugs/hats/etc)

Price: $10
Sorry it is not free. I commissioned the artist for $750 and am just looking to make that back. Anything made over that amount I already told him I would share half. His name is George Coghill, he is an absolute blast to work with, and you can check out other work at

Q: How do I purchase it?
A: Upon purchase you will be able do a download of zip file containing files in the following formats: SVG vector art, EPS vector art, high-resolution PNG file, and both small and large JPEG and GIF files. The artist published one version in blue. I then created modified versions for all the US color options both with and without the motion effects. All of these are published in the SVG format containing all the vector objects and layers for you to publish in orther formats or modify. See Q&A for info on free program I used to modify.

Q: What can I do with the image?
A: Anything you want with two exceptions: do not resell or give it away to others.
I have a registered a copyright but am optimistic people will be honest and I will be able to at least recoup my investment.

Q: Is this image good for applying onto merchandise like t-shirts, hats, mugs, tp, etc?
A: Yes. It comes in several file formats including vector based which is perfect for applications of any scale(it will not become blurry or pixelated if enlarged).

Q: Can I modify it?
A: Absolutely! I am really excited to see what others come up with using this as a starting point. My order is black w forged wheels also I am curious how she looks with roof cargo rack and Hella lights. Since the download comes with vector based files you can change colors, add and remove different layered elements. Also that would be my standard response to feedback on particular things folks don't like about the image: change it to the way you would like it.

Q: How can I modify it?
I struggled with Gimp, inkspace, imagemagick before going different route, installing Serif Drawplus Start Edition. With that I can use standard open function of the SVG file types, see all the layers, manipulate as desired and export to whatever format I wanted.

Enjoy it and I really can't wait to see what people come up with for modifications and applications!


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