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Alex Kersten from Car Throttle uploaded a video review of the Ford Focus RS on Youtube and it’s a great review for anyone not familiar with drifting. Why is it great you may ask? Because Alex isn’t a drifter either but he managed to do doughnuts in the Focus RS.

Before making his way up to drift mode, he first took the RS through the curvy roads of Valencia in Drive and Sport mode. You can clearly hear the rumbling of the engine and exhaust inside the cabin and it’s properly fast in Drive mode. Once floored, the RS managed to redline in second gear at 6800rpm in what feels like an instant.

Switching to Sport will instantly add a bit of weight to the steering and quicken the throttle response. The Focus RS accelerates and brakes hard enough to inspire confidence in drivers when taking turns at high speeds and if you can overcome that mental voice telling you to brake when going into a turn, you too can go into them with your foot pressing down on the throttle.

On the second day of testing, the Focus RS was taken to a motorcycle track. All the better for testing out the Track and Drift modes with the additional twists. Starting off the test was the Launch mode which pushed the Focus RS from 0-62 in 4.7 seconds. Once off, the Track mode’s firmer and sharper drive moved him through the course’s corners at high speeds for an exceptional lap time.

After that was the Drift Mode. Alex is no drifter but you too should be able to get the hang of it fairly quickly as long as you trust the Focus RS’ torque vectoring system to make the necessary torque adjustments between the front and rear axles. Just don’t be afraid of going sideways while stepping on the throttle and the fool proof Drift Mode will do the rest.

Of course you won’t be hooning the RS down the track in Drift mode without practice but if the reviewer can be made to feel like he knows what he’s doing within a day of drifting around a circuit, so can we.
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