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Australia Is Anti-Hooning

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That's right, the land down under is not a fan of hooning and and they actually have anti-hooning laws, now safety advocates in Australia wants Ford to disable drift mode in the Australia spec Focus RS. This alw alraedy caused Ford to disable the Line Lock setting int heir Mustangs and now they're after the RS.

Harold Scruby, head of the Pedestrian Council of Australia, "urge Ford to reconsider its decision, recall these vehicles and disable this driving mode."

I assume all Focus RS owners knows better than to try and drift a car on public roads so outright banning the drift mode isn't really necessary.

Good news is, the drift mode most likely won't be turned off unless Australia passes a new law banning it because Ford Australia president Graeme Whickman agrees with my sentiment. "Quite seriously, when you are driving around how often do you see people actively trying to drift their cars, compared to someone wanting to drift their wheels from the start."
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I agree with your sentiment, who wants to go drifting on public roads anyway. In fact how many normal owners are going to ever use the drift mode, I suspect very few in the real world. I would prefer to spend the money on some real tangible items for the car, rather than just burn up severall hundreds of pounds/dollars of tyres by drifting. Talk about watching your money go up in smoke.......
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This all happened after that video surfaced of the dumb dumb that couldn't hold it together around the turn. He didn't hit anyone or anything, but it showed how ridiculous people are and, according to them, making and labeling a button as "drift mode" is apparently "stupid"
One guy just ruins it for everyone else... And really, you don't need a mode to hoon down a street. If someone in my neighborhood wanted to drift, they'll do it with or without the button.

They make it sound like the world was all butterflies and rainbow before drift mode came along and using it will make you instantly spin out of control.
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Ford has even put a disclaimer on the dashboard when drift mode is used, tells you that it's only appropriate for race tracks. Cars these days have a button to turn off traction control which makes RWD cars easier to slide than the Focus RS. In fact, I think the drift mode makes RS drivers safer.
Exactly ! Taking off traction control is pretty much the same darn thing, just not labeled as "drift" mode. It's ridiculous.
This is one of the stupidest things I've seen. But if they have a history for it, it isn't something surprising.
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