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Absolute Black

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Absolute Black pictures, not sure if anybody has seen these yet. :D

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Is that blue metal flake? I like it but after owning 3 black cars, Im too old to keep that **** clean. lol. I will be going nitrous blue with mine
I noticed that too. There does seem to be a blue tint to it. I don't like the grey or blue, so it's between white and black for me. Both will be a pita to keep clean.
Im not a fan of the grey either. However, that black will look amazing when its clean. With the blue tint to it, reminds me of my 02 WRX. Subaru called it Midnight Black Pearl but it was similar to this. When the light hit it just right I called it bass boat black. lol
I don't know if its a legit blue tint though, the carpet in te ford booths is blue, its more probabale that its picking up the colour from the surrounding displays. But the sparkle is encouraging...
In black it looks quite sophisticated, time to get a petition going to rename that color "Black Tuxedo"
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts