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For anyone who’s paying a bit above MSRP for their Ford Focus RS, take solace in the fact that you didn’t pay $550K for yours.

A Focus RS was sold at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction the past weekend for 15 times the price of a Focus RS at MSRP. Ford auctioned it off and all proceeds from the sale will go towards the benefit of the diabetes-research foundation JDRF.

This global organization has invested almost $2 billion type 1 diabetes research over the past 45 years and it’s not just in North America either. JDRF sponsors scientific research on a global scale in 17 different countries.

The winner of the auction most likely did not get to drive off with a Focus RS the day of the auction as the auction listing provides a list of colors and made no mention of the RS for sale as being one color only. Instead, they probably won a Focus RS guarantee. A guarantee that they will receive a focus RS and maybe be one of the first few people to receive it.

For everyone else, the Focus RS’ MSRP is $36,605 including destination.
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