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1 Focus Rs available Just arrived!

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I have a Stealth grey
19 in alloy forged wheels
pm me for details. :)
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Not interested unless the price is MSRP or less.

Not interested unless the price is MSRP or less.
we are at $3500 over and that's the final number the GM is asking 5K over
Highly doubt we're gonna get under MSRP so soon. Would love to see some pictures though
MSRP or no sale!
2016 RS2 stealth grey.


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Going to be a hard sale. Most people who are still looking to buy an RS will be looking for MSRP. But ****, stealth grey is sexy.
Gosh darn that does look nice. I love how the blue calipers stick out so much on the stealth grey !
2016 RS2 stealth grey.
I'm a bit surprised at how little they did in covering it up, unless this was taken after some if the plastic was removed. Expected the hood to be covered.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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