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General Information

Focus RS
Stealth Gray
RS2, alloys with Pilot cup 2's, optional perf. winter tires on silver RS wheels, car cover, sunroof, et al.
Purchased the car from a dealer who had ordered it with ALL the possible options including car cover--that I will never use! I would only have gotten RS 2 package, purchased my own winter tires for 60% of the price, NEVER a sun roof, and possibly would've ordered the Y-spoke wheels, but without the Cup 2s! (Yes, the car corners extremely well, but I wonder how long they will last?)
Luckily, was not gouged at all. Got the car this past Oct., and was going to wait for the 2018s, as apparently they changed the front diff, BUT, was not fond of Red or blue! Sorry. Other than gray, I would've considered the white. My own worthless opinion, but lighter colors seem to show off character lines and features more---but I WILL say I LOVE all Focus RS colors on the cars!
2017 Ford Focus RS (Stealth Gray)


Everything Boomba makes for the Focus RS! Oil cap cover, oil dipstick handle, brake fluid cover, overflow tank cap. Also, replaced the tank with aluminum tank from Mishimoto. Steeda hood release lever.

Would love to do a CAI, etc. but want to wait for COBB, as their Accessport is the only way to go, as far as I am concerned. BUT, the Accessport will only work with COBB components. There is a Ford tuner not too far from me, but I am computer illiterate, and would not know how to uninstall a custom map when I'd have to take the car to the dealer! (I had a Fiesta ST with everything that COBB made, and used a Stage III map and 93 octane gasoline. Could easily change back and forth from stock to Stage III, don't know how to handle that chore without an Accessport and fully loaded maps.
Red anodized hood release handle. Blue shift knob (CJ Pony Parts)
Blue Gorilla Lug nuts on winter wheels. Seem to go well with calipers. Steeda jacking rails: can jack up one side of the car from the center, no damage to pinch welds.

Eventually will add turbo back exhaust, POSSIBLY CPe engine mounts (all 3) Don't want to trash the car as we all know it is a GEM in stock form!
Wheel and Tire
MAY get a third set of wheels for use between snows and summer rubber!


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