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  1. My Ford broke down.

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hi Samuel, have you checked the water level as there is a head gasket issue with the RS worldwide. Some how the wrong head gasket was fitted in the first couple of years of production, FMC have done a recall to replace it free of charge.
  2. 2018 RS LE Seat part numbers

    Focus RS Appearance
    Are you aware that the European seats are not approved for use in the USA.
  3. SYNC3 Screen Protector

    Focus RS Audio, Electronics, and Lighting
    Hi, As SYNC3 is new into Europe and the UK, can anyone please supply a Ford part number for the screen protector. I am still running with the Ford supplied one with all the printing on. It sure makes the screen difficult to read at night! Thanks :)
  4. Hello!!!!! New RS!!!

    Nice looking car, hope you enjoy driving it and welcome to our Forum.
  5. New from SoCal

    Welcome to the Forum, nice you have joined us. Hope the RS is bring a smile to you every time you drive it. Mine is due to be built at the end of the month after ten months since I place the order. Can't wait to get it. Look forward to reading your threads.
  6. Focus RS Vector art Poster(s)

    Focus RS Photos and Videos
    Just got one of Pete's drawings and they are truly amazing. The fine detail on the canvas one is great and gives a real 3D feeling. Thought I post this as the newer members may not have seen this thread the firat time around back in June.
  7. RS Focus - Sold Out

    Ford Focus RS General Discussion
    I am not sure as I am in the UK, maybe some of our US members can answer this.
  8. Newb from middle TN

    Welcome to our Forum. Pleased you got your hands on an RS are you enjoying driving it? How do you like the handling on the minor roads with lots of bends?
  9. Newb introduction

    Welcome to our Forum, good to have you as a member. Please you have got your hands on an RS, are you pleased with it? When I test drove one before I put my order in I thought it was like atrain on rails around the corners. I am in the UK where the turning companies are just starting to make...
  10. RS Focus - Sold Out

    Ford Focus RS General Discussion
    I do hope so my build slot is January. Your order may well be a dealer build slot that's already been put on the system. Have a look on You Tube under "Ford Performance Cars Selling like Hot Cakes in 2016".
  11. RS Focus - Sold Out

    Ford Focus RS General Discussion
    Ford build approximately 40 RS units each day. In the seven months of MY16 they have publicly stated 8,800 built. MY17 will run from September16 to end of July17, allow for a couple of weeks of low production over Christmas and the New Year the numbers seem about right. Then if the RS500 is...
  12. New member and FoRS owner

    Hi Mike, A very warm welcome to our Forum. I am an overseas member and find this forum full of good and useful information. Hope you take delivery of you new set of wheels soon, when you do I am sure you will enjoy driving it. Look forward to seeing more of your postings and thanks for the...
  13. RS Focus - Sold Out

    Ford Focus RS General Discussion
    Sure is and you can bet the dealers will be making a big markup.
  14. RS Focus - Sold Out

    Ford Focus RS General Discussion
    8,800 units produced in MY 16 which was January 2016 to July 2016 and an estimated 13,000 units still to manufacture in MY 17. There is still the question of the 500 RS500 units as well.
  15. RS Focus - Sold Out

    Ford Focus RS General Discussion
    No all the production is for orders Ford already have so the books are closed for any new orders.
  16. RS Focus - Sold Out

    Ford Focus RS General Discussion
    Ford Europe has just announced that the Ford Focus RS is sold out Worldwide. The only way you will get one now if you have not already placed an order is by finding a dealer has already ordered one for stock. I think we know that he will be charging well over the list price now!
  17. New RS today!

    Very pleased you have got your car. It would be good in a few hundred miles to get your feedback on what's good and what's bad. Enjoy the car.
  18. Hello from a land down under

    Welcome to the forum, good to have you on board. What colour RS did you order? I ordered mine here in the UK back in April and and still awaiting a confirmed build date. The latest projected build date is December with delivery in April 17. The guys on the forum are a very good knowledge base...
  19. Canceled Orders for 2016 Ford Focus RS

    Purchasing and Ordering
    I think those RS Focus shipped to Australia all have been fitted with SYNC 3 as well.
  20. Canceled Orders for 2016 Ford Focus RS

    Purchasing and Ordering
    Interesting , I thought all cars manufactured in September after the factory summer shutdown were classified as MY17. I was told last week my car is a MY17 build and is shown on the Ford computer system as being upgraded to SYNC3, the first the dealer had seen confirmed on an RS Focus for the...
1-20 of 146 Results